Click word to automatically create link, note, and links out of all word occurrences in vault etc

Could be helpful to be able to engage a function (or mode) that would let you click any word in a note to automatically create a link, note from that link, and links from all occurrences of that word within the vault (or folder or even just notes that meet a specific search criteria).

I also think this plugin could helpfully generate a list of all words used within vault, note, heading, or even folder. This would assist and could be used in the word selection process, perhaps allowing you to select many before clicking commit then sitting back and letting it do its thing. I do have a macro and process that does this, but it is not elegant by any means.

Also, I do know you can use a mass search and replace replacing word with [[word]], but there is something exciting about being able to accomplish this with just a click. Plus the search and replace would break links that the word already occurred within unless you could design some pretty advanced regex. But, even that would likely not be 100% safe.



Hey, did you ever figure out a way to do this? I am looking for the same.
I have imported notes for a book I am writing and want to link it all up, without having to manually go through each character, fraction, location etc…

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@Leon1 Cool! Sounds interesting! No, I have not. I became a bit fearful that I would be creating links out of words that occurred within existing links, or headings, etc… I also worried that other complexities would arise that I would not realize until it was too late.

There is another thread that explores this. I am not at all sure that this regex search and replace work. I have not tested or even inspected or really thought about it. I had totally forgotten to try it out until I just saw your question. Here’s a link, How can I multi-link large instances of a keyword all at once?

Obviously be very careful, and only test on a duplicate set of test notes. I’d be curious whether it works. On a related note, if you’re interested in understanding some of the regex in Obsidian, see this link: Regular Expressions in Obsidian (copied from mdn web docs)

Good luck!