Automatic word links - visual map

I really want to see the visual map (graph view) of all the used words in my notes.
It must be like cross link connections between all the notes if they have same words inside…
The idea is to see connections between NON prepared notes.
For example - I import contacts as many .md files. I want Obsidian to find any connections between contacts - by location, phone, groups, lables etc. In graph view I see contact John Smith and links to other contacts with same location, groups, etc, links to different notes which includes words from the contact - location, group, notes etc.

Between every word? Which occurence of any given word would that graph view link to? A list of everywhere you’ve used that word? Wouldn’t this just be chaotic?

Not, that I know of, so far. But I’ve only used Obsidian for less than a year.

Could it be done using a plugin, maybe, but I’m not certain it would be useful, since anything (from notes of a decent length) would cross connect to almost anything.

If any given contact has a note of its own, it’ll show other mentions of this contact in the backlink window, either as a linked mention, or as an unlinked mention (in which case it does a search). These unlinked mention would also, as I’ve understood it, also look up any aliases if you’ve defined that for this contact.

In other words, if you’ve got a note with a location, phone, group, … with potential aliases defined for either one of these, you’ll be able to see other mentions of this in the backline pane, but you’ll not get to see everything (linked to everything) in a graph view (and I think that’s for the best, as that would be messy).

Imagine…you have 2K contacts. You import it into the Obsidian to find thу connections between them. Program/plugin takes for example name of the City and connect each contact that had it inside. Not only in address but everywhere. Yes you will have a lot of links. But I hope that when you open the contact and see the links to the others - you would be able to understand why they connected.

Another way. I found that if I have notes with other Notes titles inside so I can use BACKLINKS. It would be nice if Obsidian could make Graph view based on backlinks.
Example: I have Notes: Summer, Winter, Moon.
If any note have words Summer, Winter or Moon it can be linked to the appropriate note. Even in Graph view.

It was a long shot, but I made this request a while back: Click word to automatically create link, note, and links out of all word occurrences in vault etc. It is along the same lines as what you are asking here, but it’s not identical.


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