Click link without expanding it in live preview editing mode

Use case or problem

In live preview editing mode, when I click on a link it is both followed and expanded. There has been some discussion about a shortcut that only expands the link in order to edit its contents. This I can already do with Cmd-Opt-Click, that’s fine.

But I haven’t seen any discussion about following the link without expanding it. The expansion is a byproduct of moving the cursor into the location of the link. It looks unpolished how a link gets expanded just by following it, this is quite notorious in the case of long urls.

I believe there has to be two distinct actions associated to two different bindings:

  • Following the link (say Click)
  • Editing the link (say Cmd-Opt-Click)

I can’t imagine any realistic situation in which the user would want to both follow the link and edit it, so moving the cursor to the position where the link was clicked doesn’t seem to be the best implementation.

Proposed solution

When I click on a link, don’t move the cursor to that position, in order to avoid the undesirable expansion of the link.

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