Open link with ctrl+click on Live Preview Mode

What I’m trying to do

Sometimes I want to edit the link of the content, but when I do a single-click when enabled the Live Preview Mode, Obsidian will open that link for me, which is not the thing I want to do, could you consider provide an option to control the way how we can “open a link”? Like usually will press the CTRL + click to do the open task.



Glad to know! Thanks!

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Licat In Live Preview, can I hold Ctrl/Cmd+Alt when clicking on links to open them rather than “edit” them?

Please don’t tag the devs. You can use clic drag, right click and in 0.14.1 cltr alt click.

Sorry, but I think I want a way to do to open link with my keyboard(ctrl or anything else) but not edit with it.

Use alt enter.

Not the one I want

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