Choice of focus by parts of the pane

Current behavior:
The “split right” command keeps the focus in the original window.

I consider this setting to be an unexpected behavior of the program. In my opinion, in the past the focus was also simply moved to the new window, so that you could continue working there seamlessly. However, I was told that this behavior is not a bug.

Introduce an option whether the focus should stay in the old window when splitting the pane, or be set to the new window. E.g. “Switch focus to new pane” yes/no

I am curious how you see this and if there will be a solution for my problem.


I would also prefer the focus to move to a new pane when it’s opened with split right / split down. This would be consistent with the behavior when opening a new tab, or when opening a link under the cursor in a new panel.

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Yes, Obsidian’s behavior is inconsistent with vim, JetBrains IDEs, and VS Code. Focus should go to the new split pane to minimize user surprise.

Found a workaround: GitHub - AlexBieg/obsidian-better-command-palette: A better command palette for obsidian

Then create macros:


I’d also really like to have the focus move to the new panel after doing “split right”, or at least to have an option to have this behaviour. I think this was the behaviour for a while, but this changed recently (I’d guess with v1.0.0?).

In the meantime, the workaround obsequious mentioned seems to be working great for me :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, everybody! I’m glad I’m not alone in my observation and desire for a different focus behavior. And thanks to @obsequious for the workaround - I’ll try it out right away :slight_smile: … worked great!

Looks like as of version 1.1, the newly created split is focused. So I would consider this feature implemented.

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