Obsidian Release v1.1

Released December 20, 2022

This update unlocks even more flexibility into how you work in Obsidian. Some of the highlights include:


Canvas is a new core plugin for Obsidian. It allows you to lay out your notes on an infinite, spatial canvas.


Canvas can be a place to synthesize your notes, a dashboard for navigating your second brain, or your new Obsidian workstation.

To get started using Canvas, press the “Create new canvas” button on the left-side ribbon.

We’ve outlined some of the basic Canvas features in our Help Vault. For more advanced usage, check out our collection of Protips.

Customizable Ribbon

Ribbon items can now be rearranged (drag & drop) or hidden (right click on the ribbon for options). Configuration is also available in Settings (Appearance › Ribbon menu).


Note: if you are using an existing plugin to manage the ribbon, this might interfere.

Developer Improvements

Developer Changelog

We have added a Developer Changelog to our API repo. Moving forward, we will keep developer-facing changes catalogued here.

Metadata API

We’ve added a new metadata API for easily adding and updating frontmatter. For more basic usage information, check out the guide in the changelog.

In-App Improvements

The community plugins list can now be sorted by “recently updated.” This should improve plugin discovery for more actively developed plugins as well as help users identify which plugins are still actively maintained.


For theme developers, we’ve also added theme information to the debug modal. When users submit theme related issues, now you can ask them to send the debug modal information to accelerate the information-gathering phase.

Finally, you can choose to include a fundingUrl in your plugin manifest. Users will be shown a link in-app to donate to you. You can put your Buy Me A Coffee links or Ko-fi here.

Additional Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Linux: fixed middle-click to paste.
  • ‘Split’ commands will now focus the newly created tab group.
  • Fixed issue where File explorer would not always select the right items when using shift-clicking.
  • Popout windows will now open with the same zoom level as the main window
  • Fixed Home behavior in task lists.
  • Moving folders to the Obsidian trash (.trash) will no longer add a trailing .
  • Fix ordered lists showing as bullets.
  • Plugin gallery will no longer cache the results if there’s no internet connection.
  • macOS: fixed issue with spell check replacing the wrong word on the same line.
  • Improved styling of text when the accent color is lighter than a certain threshold.
  • Fixed “Fold more” and “Fold less” commands not working properly on list items.
  • The File Explorer will no longer capture arrow key events when modifier keys are used. This was breaking hotkeys such as Ctrl + Shift + →.
  • Fixed issue with folds in Reading mode getting unfolded when creating a new tab.
  • The frontmatter YAML will now always be hidden in reading mode. The “Show frontmatter” toggle now toggles the metadata section.


Q. Is Canvas going to be available on mobile?

Yes! Eventually. The mobile version is still in development and won’t be available until the new year. Canvas is one of our most ambitious undertakings to date, so it will take some time to properly adapt it to the mobile experience. We appreciate your patience.

Q. Why don’t Canvas files show up in Search or Backlinks?

These features are both planned and will be introduced in a later release.

Q. What is a .canvas file? Is the format open-source?

Canvas stores its data as JSON files with a special .canvas file extension. The JSON format is defined in an open source spec licensed with an MIT license.

For a complete list of the changes, refer to the individual release notes: