Canvas element arrangement: bring-to-front, send-to-back

Canvas elements can be overlapped, but there doesn’t appear to be a way to control which one is on top. When building up diagrams built on cards being able to push and pull the layers would be awesome! Thanks!


I could imagine some uses for this functionality. Your mention of the fact that nodes can be overlapped made me wonder what it would be like if they could not overlap. Perhaps this could be a good way to initiate your request. For example, if you just slightly overlap an edge or a corner when placing a node, the canvas could kindly push the node aside so as to be exactly adjacent. However, if you make a concerted effort to move a node directly on top of another node, it would snap to fit and stay highlighted while you had the chance to mouse up or down, or use up/down arrows to choose the order.

In cases where more than one node is already placed in the stack, the nodes could temporarily spread out a bit while showing the order yet still keeping filename labels visible. This is just a thought. Speaking of which, I just remembered there is another related request about stacking, however I can’t seem to find it. Perhaps it was on Discord. Anyways, Good idea!


I’ve been using Obsidian Canvas similar to a mood board to organize more visual thoughts, e.g. using many images/videos. Simple user control of ordering (send forward/backwards) would be really helpful!