Cannot drag drop files in folders in long lists

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open a few folders in the file explorer in Obsidian so that it’s a long list of files and scroll down.
  2. Drag a file in the root folder to some folder that’s above the current view.

Expected result

The list automatically scrolls when the dragged mouse pointer reaches the top of the list (and in increasing speed of scrolling as it’s moved further towards the top). This is the default behaviour in all apps on the Mac, including the browser.

Actual result

No scrolling happens and the list is static. So we cannot drag the file unless the folder and file are both visible in the current view.


  • Operating system: macOS 10.15.
  • Obsidian version: Current.

As a workaround for the moment you can use the arrow keys (up/down) to scroll the files list while dragging the file.

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Thanks, that works for the time being. Although feels janky and constant speed instead of the native macOS style variable speed.

Also disappointed to see this isn’t possible. The workaround doesn’t work for me either, as it eventually stops scrolling and freezes altogether when using the arrow keys.

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Same here, it’s workable but often fails. Also, the fact that I have to move my left hand across to the arrow keys while I’m dragging with my right seems quite clumsy.

Alternatively, a right-click menu with “Move to folder…” would also help.


Steps to reproduce

  • Open Obs
  • Have some open folders in the left pane
  • Have so much notes in the open folders, you have to scroll a lot to reach the top/bottom
  • Click and hold one note to move it into another folder
  • When there is no mouse wheel and the touchpad of your laptop is used by "click and hold"ing the note, you use the arrow keys (up and down) to scroll.

Expected result

  • I scroll up or down until I reach the folder, where I want to drop my note in and drop it.

Actual result

  • The scroling suddenly stops, randomly after 1-3 seconds. Again using up/down-keys do not move anything. I have to let go of the note and close the folders to drag and drop the note from folder to folder to folder … to reach the one at the top.


  • Operating system: Windows 10

  • Obsidian version: v0.8.0

to be clear: I use a laptop and once I have clicked and am holding the note, I don’t have a mouse wheel to go up and down and can’t use my mouspad (touch pad) either.

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This is still an issue for me – has it been addressed in a separate bug report and I’m missing the solution?

It hasn’t been implemented/fixed yet

The arrow keys method doesn’t work for me, so I’ve resorted to renaming the note with a 0 (zero) or A prefix, then moving it into the destination folder, then opening that folder up and renaming the note back to its original name. This wouldn’t work if you have more than a screenful of folders, though.

I am assuming you are just reporting on the in app experience. In case you are just worried about workflow, I wanted to add that you can do your organizing using your operating system folders. I have never had a problem with this or heard of any issues either.

I do a lot of this sort of stuff in VS Code, but the OS file explorer would work too. Still, it is a feature that should exist.

I had a feeling no one didn’t know this, but was just making sure. I didn’t want anyone else to struggle to try to stick to using the Obsidian file explorer. Originally I was guilty of thinking that all reorganization and renaming of .md files within folders had to be done in Obsidian to avoid breaking the vault.

So you can probably understand why I wanted to add my note to the conversation. My experience was something I wouldn’t wish on anyone.


I would really love this to be fixed.
I’m on Linux using v 0.9.3