Drag-Drop file rearrangement in folders should be better

Use case or problem

  • While dragging and dropping to rearrange files into folders (very useful for me and PARA users), the list doesn’t scroll when the file is already picked. I don’t seem to know a way to select a file from one folder to another folder which is up in the list. It doesn’t scroll automatically when cursor(with file picked) is moved tovards the top edge of the file tree region.
  • Till now, I used to use Mouse wheel, but its super ineffective and kinda difficult to use mouse wheel with left button held everytime.
  • Moving a file in system explorer isn’t helpful as it doesn’t let the obsidian know about the change to fix the internal links

Proposed solution

There could be two probable solutions, or even both of these

  1. When file is dragged and moved over the to region of the file tree, the tree region should scroll.
  2. An option in the context menu of the files to move/copy a file to a folder inside the vault.

Current workaround (optional)

Currently, I am only able to do it using mouse. Mouse wheel + left button clicked => uneasy.


Will be implemented in 0.9.21

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A workaround:

In my case I cannot work with notes if I don’t have folders. What I do is open other editor to edit the directory, in my case VSCode with FOAM (https://github.com/foambubble/foam). This allows to easily manipulate folders, group files, drag them etc.

Now there is support for this! Obsidian Release v0.9.21 (Insider build)

I tried this approach too. But Foam doesn’t work with [[Wiki Links]] and requires file names without blanks. So I got myself out of there.

@0.9.21 : I will wait for the release then :slight_smile: