Cannot Create or Open Vault

MacOS 14.1.1
Obsidian 1.4.16

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to setup Obsidian on my new laptop. However, if I try to ‘open folder as vault’ or ‘create new vault’ in the non-default location, I get a spinning pinwheel, then the file explorer never opens.

Things I have tried

Booting into Safe Mode as per this post

Creating a new user. This works. If I create a standard user, that user can open and create vaults, but my main admin user cannot.

This post include a video of what is happening when I attempt to use Obsidian.

What do you mean by the non-default location?

If I recall correctly, you mentioned on Discord that this was happening on a work issued MacBook.

Were you able to talk to the IT staff or find out on your own if there’s anything installed (corporate management software, anti-virus, etc.) that may be causing the issue?

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