California Coast Theme

How could we only use your icons ?

I got your all icon css file, but there’s a conflict with current theme(Minimal Theme -Gray )'s icon.

I don’t know how to easy replace your icon . No icon replace plugin for easy doing. :frowning:

Icon for California Coast Theme .css (26.7 KB)

mmmm, you could put minimal as your main theme. then get california coast and make the whole .css theme it into your snippet and then just start deleting everything from the snippet until the icons show up and now you got your snippet made for icons only

Yeah. This is one of solution. When I’m free, I will do it.

But the better solution is icon switcher feature. Custom icon

I have this small problem with - > not shown as ‘->’ and similar conversions.
What could be the reason? I had raised this issue with some other theme as well, I couldn’t solve it there as well.

I have this theme, it’s plugin and the fonts installed in my system.
Please help :slight_smile:

@DummyME What font are you using? Ligatures are turned on by default, but it might depend on the font.

How can I find out which one I am using? I am using the California Theme settings Plugin which has some font based settings undisturbed by me. I assumed they are being used.

I had installed the fonts that were suggested along with the theme, thought it must now be applied?

Ah, I see. So, if you’re using the latest version of the theme and plugin, the editor font will be set to whatever your system default is. To get nicer ligatures, I’d recommend setting “Editor font” to Inter in the theme settings.

Okay. Sure.
And thanks :slight_smile:

The new update broke the UI

No elements are visible, blue color has been turned to black & white making it impossible to see most elements.
Preview mode is also all around the place.

Is there a way to revert to previous version of the theme?

I think the colors messed up because the Settings Plugin for this them bought in new options to select the accent (I didn’t like it though :smiley:). You can go and set the color, it would be back to normal.
Rest of things, I think were okay in my case. Same as before (or maybe I missed some things?)

The accent color option is not clickable in my case, unable to change it.

@tav Try updating the theme settings plugin again, I’ve made some updates that should fix some issues.

If updating the settings plugin doesn’t help, try deleting data.json in the plugin folder to re-initialize the plugin:

Screen Shot 2021-01-03 at 9.15.20 AM

Also, the accent color is controlled by the sliders below it:

Lovely theme, I’ve really enjoyed using it so far! Im wondering how I could edit to increase the transparency in the LHS menu?


Edit: Updated both the Theme and Plugin again and all good now.

Accent color is working again. (Ability to choose the accent is amazing, Next request would be to let us use the hex value)

The Preview mode is still broken when using the Display note file name as Heading setting:


Lovely theme. It however takes a lot of resources from the system, (e.g. memory used by Obsidian goes well above 1GB) and the whole program become really slow, even when just typing new text. Is this experienced by other users or could there be something off in my setup?

Thanks for the great work!

Does this happen when transparency is turned off as well? I think there are issues with transparency downstream that make it really un-performant. I have to keep it turned of for obsidian to be useful.

Let me know, though, if you still encounter issues with transparency turned off.

Yes, it still happens with transparency turned off.

I’m a newbie in all these things: obsidian, themes, ecc.
I installed your theme (btw, a gorgeous theme, congratulations), the settings plugin and add to the css file the code that you write to @tav (to resolve the spacing between headings, lines, etc.).
But I found two issues:

  1. About the spacing before the divider, it works temporarily… For example, if I open Obsidian, open one note with the divider, open the preview mode… everything is ok. But if I change the view to global graph and return to the note, in the preview mode the spacing had changed (the space before the divider increases again). I restart Obsidian, everything is ok, I repeat the change of views and the problem returns.
  2. With the core plugin “Page preview” activated, the preview showed while hovering the link hadn’t any margins. It’s intentional?

Thank you.

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Thanks for reporting these @mnvwvnm, I’ll take a look!

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FYI to all windows users

I’ve made some updates with the help of a kind soul on github that should fix transparency issues on windows