Bullet / Ordered List: Header - Doesn't Show Up In Headers Outline

Steps to reproduce

I’m not completely sure if the flavors of markdown supported by Obsidian support headers in bullet/ordered lists or not, but either way it still doesn’t work as it should.

  1. Create either a bullet list or ordered list. Make the first item a header.

Expected result

I expected the header to appear in the header outline pane if supported or the “#” to be rendered as actual text in the preview.

Actual result

The text following the “#” is rendered as appropriate header size in the preview pane & the header does not show up in the header outline pane.


  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Obsidian version: 0.9.3

Additional information

I suspect that most likely no flavor of Markdown supports headers within lists of any sort, but if that is the case then the preview should not render the text as header sized.

I stumbled upon this while trying to indent a subheading.


We don’t explicitly support headers in bullet lists.

Unified treatment of outlines/hierarchies based on headers and indented lists might alleviate experienced issues:

Headers in lists appear to be explicitly supported now.


We only added support for Live Preview rendering of headings in lists - unfortunately due to the way headings and sections work (for referencing, search, etc), headings in lists do not count as a proper heading section, and thus we don’t be explicitly supporting them for things like outlines and heading links.

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In Obsidian 0.13.19 (Windows 10)

  • headings in bullet list are rendered as headings in live preview
  • headings in numbered list are not rendered as headings in live preview

Both are rendered as headings in View-mode
Could you support also numbered lists in preview mode, please?

Please, open a feature request for that.