Obsidian Release v0.13.15 (Insider build)


  • Edit mode now supports headings in lists.
  • Embedded content generated by plugin custom handlers (like image in Admonitions and Dataview) are now rendered in both Live Preview and Reading view. This will be a temporary addition until we can come up with a proper markdown rendering API that handles nestable rendering contexts better.

No longer broken

  • Ctrl/Cmd+C now copies the whole line again if there is no selection.
  • Fixed several parsing issues with formatting symbols in wikilinks.
  • Fixed an issue where the Tab Size setting could change how indented lists are interpreted in edit view. This will now always recognize a tab character as 4 spaces, as required by Markdown’s specifications.
  • Fixed a crash when pressing up (or using k in vim mode) on a --- separator that’s out of screen.
  • Fixed a crash that happens sometimes when pressing page up or page down (or the equivalent commands in vim mode).
  • Fixed some plugins could cause line wrapping to fail and grow the width of the editor.
  • Code blocks will now line wrap in reading view, to stay consistent with editing view.
  • Fixed code block’s language flair stopped showing up when indented in Live Preview.
  • Fixed math blocks inside blockquotes and lists are rendered outside.
  • Improved parsing of footnote references and definitions.


  • getSectionInfo() is now implemented for custom code blocks in Live Preview.