Show headings that are inside bullet lists in Outline view

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I’m aware that it’s an issue related to markdown generally, but I feel like it can be fixed by including the text that has "- # " before it at the start of a line as a heading, since it can’t be anything other than a heading in a bullet list, or at least make it an option in the settings

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You’re proposing an extension to markdown which I don’t think a lot of markdown engine are supporting, if any at all. Headers are not supposed to be within list elements, and this is also common practice for markdown.

So no matter how much you want it, this is most likely not going to happen, neither as a bug nor as this feature request, where you’ve posted almost identical requests.

It’s just not going to happen, unless you get to someone convinced to break standard conventions.

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CommonMark (which Obsidian’s Markdown is based on) allows headings in list items (linking to example above the relevant one so all the text appears on screen). Whether that’s a good idea is another question.

If Obsidian did show these in the outline, I imagine it would only consider heading level for indentation, not whether they’re in a list, which might surprise some users.

Hmmm… That’s just messy from my point of view. I’m confused regarding why that would be allowed. So I’m just going to step away from this debate then, as I might only contribute with more confusion.

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I’m guessing original Markdown doesn’t say anything about it one way or the other, and CommonMark probably allows it for consistency with the other stuff that’s allowed in list items.

I didn’t say modify the whole markdown engine or anything like that, what I meant is an additional simple function that puts the text after "- # " in the outline view, and as @CawlinTeffid said it would consider the heading level for indentation just like any normal heading, and I’m sure there might be another better way to do it since headings are already rendered normally in those lists

As for the reason, I personally (and I’m sure many others too) structure my whole notes in bullet lists. the outlining method isn’t anything new and lots of other softwares are completely based around it (Logseq, Roam Research, Workflowy, etc…)

Do you use the Outliner community plugin? That might add bullet headings to the outline. If it doesn’t, that might be a good feature to request of it.

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Yeah I use it but unfortunately it doesn’t have something like that, thanks tho!