[Bug] Can't write to SD card (external storage)

sorry to hear that.

I’m having the same problem creating a vault on a SD card on a Samsung Galaxy 7/Android 8 and Obsidian 1.0.4 – no problem on local storage.

I solved my problem (just above) by using Autosync for OneDrive to sync a laptop backup to my phone’s sd card, then just opening the folder as a vault. Obsidian Sync might allow the same thing.

I very much appreciate the mobile version, BTW.

Same problem here, V1.0.4. Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 / Android 7.0.

Thank you. It’s really working.

I also can’t open a vault from USB Drive (external SSD) on android 11 (Samsung OneUI). When I select the folder for the vault, it says: "Error: This path cannot be resolved: content://com.android.externalstorage.documents/tree/ … "
It works for me to create and edit in vault locally, but it defeats the purpose of having all my vaults on the external SSD. Can anybody help? Or is it a bug that needs fixing?
Edit: Obsidian version 1.0.4

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Google recently introduced new security policies in Android to protect SD cards by restricting apps from writing to certain directories. It’s really frustrating.

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Same problem here on Android 7 - Obsidian v1.0.4
Can create on internal storage but not on SD card in any folder.

Would appreciate some help! Thanks!

I have the same issue with my Samsung galaxy tab S6 lite and a vault in an external SSD.

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It’s working now. Maybe it’ll help us to solve the bug.