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I just lost several hours of work. I noticed a little message popping up once in a while saying something about saving. Apparently it was not saving the entire time. I have no idea why. Then all of a sudden the program went wonky and there was nothing in any of the old notes I clicked on. They were just blank. After several minutes I closed Obsidian and reopened it. All the old notes came back, but most everything I wrote this evening was gone. This is very upsetting. Is there any chance I an recover my work?

Sorry about the trouble.

Do you have backups in place? Are you using anything to sync Obsidian?

It would help to figure out why this happened. Do you have room on your harddrive?

It’s a relatively new MacBook Air with plenty of hard drive space.

I’m not I’m sure what you mean about syncing, as I’m relatively new to Obsidian.

I save the file to a folder on my computer, and that folder is automatically backed up to Google Drive.

I’ve never had this problem before.

Unfortunately there’s little we can do without knowing a lot more about the situation. Were you using any community plugins? How does the Google Drive backup system work? Where on the file system did you set up the vault?

If it was failing to save, this might not work. But check the “File Recovery” plugin. It is enabled by default.

  • Open your Settings in Obsidian.
  • Go to “File Recovery”.
  • In “Snapshots”, click “View”
  • Search for the title of your note. If you’re lucky, you’ll see some previous versions.

I don’t have any experience saving my vault in Google Drive. But I know it recently changed, and now it acts like a mounted disk.


And I know some people were having trouble writing to external USB drives. I wonder if that is in any way related? I have no idea! [Bug] Can't write to SD card (external storage) - #40 by WhiteNoise

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