Boox tablet Android keyboard not working

Steps to reproduce

Install the Android app on Boox Note Air 3 with the latest firmware (2024-03-20_08-37_3.5.1_30e6f3189)

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Expected result

Being able to type anything.

Actual result

I cannot type, because the keyboard disappears after a brief moment. I tried reinstalling the app, now I cannot even log in, because I am unable to put in my credentials. It was working perfectly before the firmware update. The same thing happens with every keyboard app, but only in Obsidian. Both the app and the device is up to date. I tried reinstalling the app, but the issue persists. (I also lost access to sync because I cannot log in, as I am unable to put in my credentials.)


Boox firmware 2024-03-20_08-37_3.5.1_30e6f3189
Obsidian version 1.5.11 (133)
API v1.5.11

Debug Info
Operating system: android 12 (QUALCOMM NoteAir3)
Obsidian version: 1.5.11 (133)
API version: v1.5.11
Login status: not logged in
Live preview: on
Base theme: adapt to system
Community theme: none
Snippets enabled: 0
Restricted mode: on


Additional information

I have no community themes installed, restricted mode is on (I never turned on community plugins on this device).

The issue on video:

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I have read the cursor-ends-up-before-the-letter-on-android-samsung-keyboard thread.

I tried turning off text predictions and tried different keyboards (Android Keyboard and Gboard), but the issue still persists.

If this happens in every text field, it’s not related to the samsung problem. I think you need to send this bug report to boox. It’s likely due to something they changed on their end.

I also did that. However, only Obsidian and no other apps are affected by this issue.

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I have just updated Boox firmware and have got exactly the same issue. In all other apps (I only have a few loaded) the keyboards work.

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I suggest you try apps based on web technologies, Like discord.

Sorry, I have no idea what you are referring to. Can you expand please and tell us how this might help? Thanks in advance

You said no other apps do that, I suggest to try other apps that are based on similar tech stack as obsidian.
From your video, it looks like that the Boox keyboard is “stealing focus” from Obsidian, hence the cursor is removed and keyboard disappears.

I half understand what you’re saying now, thanks. It’s not my video, but it could be: the issue is identical. It’s not just the BOOX keyboard, it’s any keyboard on the device. So it doesn’t work with Gboard, for example.

Can you suggest other apps that work in the same way I have no reason to download or use discord, which of never heard of before. My aim for having the device was to have a minimum of activity other than reading, writing and note making.

I just tried out Discord. It works perfectly.

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I’ve just had a poke about and it is possible to get the keyboard to work, but not in any predictable way. Four or five steady taps then a long tap (or similar) sometimes - only very, very infrequently - gets the keyboard to stay up and work normally, but move away from the document and it’s gone. Gboard was most successful on a new empty document.

The keyboard works every time in Obsidian when in split view with another application. But when Obsidian is fullscreen, the keyboard will rarely will pop up.


That’s helpful info, thanks. But it only works correctly with the BOOX keyboard, which fits itself neatly into the Obsidian split. If you use Gboard or native Android keyboards they spread across both panes.

It’s great to have a workaround, but BOOX doesn’t support swiping and the voice keyboard doesn’t make the grade for me. The big benefit is the BOOX handwriting keyboard is pretty good. At a pinch I could work with that, with a vertical split and the keyboard covering most of the second pane.

I have just discovered that a floating keyboard seems to stay up. Of course the BOOX floating keyboard is not very customizable, (and it seems to sometimes switch to full screen without warning) but Gboard seems to work fine in floating mode.

So thank you for leading me to a temporary workaround.

Thank you, guys! The floating keyboard does work; it’s something. Could we at least sort out if this is an issue with the firmware or Obsidian?

BOOX support just say they are investigating the issue and will endeavour to fix it with the next firmware, but it’s not a proper technical helpline or anything, just PR. Having said that I’ve no other issues with other apps on my BOOX device, limited though that may be.

How did you all enable the floating keyboard? I can’t seem to find out how to bring that up.

Also, did you all ever have issues with the toolbar not displaying above the keyboard in Obsidian? I updated the Boox firmware hoping that would solve this problem, but instead it wiped out the keyboard entirely :confused:

Same problem here on Boox note air 3 c.
With last update, all available keyboards will vanish before I’ll be able to type anything.
I have not found yet how to enable the floating keyboard.
I did send a report to Onyx too

On the BOOX keyboard click the cogwheel for settings and choose “floating”. On GBoard clock the to left icon of four squares and choose “floating”. The keyboard setting operates globally so change the setting in an app that’s unaffected by this issue, then open Obsidian. Hope that helps.