Block referencing - Custom length of Parent and Child in list

I would like to know how to do block referencing of arbitrary length. Let me give an example to make this clear :slight_smile:


I would like to reference from Parent 1 till Child 2. But when I check the preview of the above reference, I get the following:

There are two drawbacks with the current approach as I mentioned in another post here.

  1. Having a space in-between list introduces unwanted line spacing. (You can see this in the screen shot. Between Parent 2 and Child 1 there is a line spacing)
  2. Current solution prevents me from creating lengthier blocks. For instance, if I want to reference from Parent 1 till Child 2 it is not possible in the current setup.

Possible solution:
If I can use some sort of identifier for beginning and end of the block reference, it might solve this problem. Something like…

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Moving this to #feature-requests—hope that’s okay!

Is there a reason you don’t want to use a heading for this?


Hey thanks for moving this. Sorry about not putting it in #feature-requests in the first place.

If I have to use a header then I have to think about the structure of the document. One of the reasons Roam is very powerful is because you can jot down anything without thinking about the structure AND you can retrieve specific parts of what you have written down without a lot of friction.


I believe you can refer to parent 1 if you unindent the block ID. That however doesn’t make the block customizable in length so bullets above parent 1 will be included too.

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Will you like my suggestion?

You can use quote syntax as a temporary solution:

> - parent 1
> - parent 2
>     - child 1
>     - child 2


I have added it to my post!

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