Black screen after Obsidian idle

I have no custom CSS. When the screen goes black, it is the whole window, including navigation. This problem is similar to Black screen when maximized and Sudden Black screen in one obsidian vault. Here’s a screen recording of the behavior, - YouTube This problem happens a lot on Windows 10, but rarely on one of my other two Ubuntu desktops. Today, even with all plug-ins turned off it was happening every twenty minutes.

I’ve had this problem for months. I (believe) I’ve narrowed it down to: having the same note open in 2+ panes at the same time. Is this the case for you?


Here’s a longer video with typical usage, - YouTube

Fortunately, it didn’t crash on me, primarily because I didn’t do anything constructive.

The video includes typed commentary about usage, interactions with the UI, and processor graphs.

I hope it is useful for support.

I have two of the same note on my initial “Split Right”; I opened three windows and edited one to test. It seems to work okay.

Sometimes I work in the lower section of a document while having the top section in another pane. I haven’t had it go black then, but I’ll keep my eyes open.

Today I’ve been working on a split screen, Scrivener vs. Obsidian. I’m editing in Scrivener and placing notes in Obsidian. A lot of searches in Obsidian.

I’ll be focusing on Scrivner, then boom, Obsidian goes black. Or I’ll have Obsidian minimized, it will be black when I maximize it to take more notes.

Fortunately, I can open notes in vscode so I’m not dead in the water. I prefer Obsidian for notes and recalling notes because I can tag and cross-reference.

This is specifically what I’m talking about. When I do this, I get the black screen every 30min or so, every time. But when I close the second pane and work on my note in a single pane only (much less efficient), I have never had a black screen.

So depending on what I’m currently doing, I have to pick the lesser evil: 1 pane only, or black screens every half hour.

If you’re getting the black screen when your note is open in just 1 pane, then the causality may be other than I think it is.

Okay, I understand now. Yes, I have two or more panes open when it goes black on Windows 10. This does not happen when I work from a Ubuntu desktop. Working two or more panes is essential.

Do you know if there is a startup option that would disable all plugins on startup, like a safe mode? I could try to work like that for a while to eliminate the possibility of a plugin issue.

I sync my configurations via github between three desktops. I only have problems on the Windows 10 side. Everything else is robust as my Ubuntu desktops will allow it.

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