Bible Study in Obsidian Kit (including the Bible in Markdown)

Hey Joshua,

I have run into a problem attempting to run your script. Here is what I get:

[[email protected] /mnt/m1/me]$ bash -i -v ESV line 7: syntax error near unexpected token newline' line 7:
[[email protected] /mnt/m1/me]$

After doing a search, it appears that Bash does not recognize this as html and is attempting to run it as a normal bash script. So, How can I install the ESV version of the bible? I am pretty techy. I just need a good approach since this . Thanks!!

Have you figured this out yet? Struggling with the same and no idea how to fix it.

I’m afraid not. I eventually got to the point where I decided I had spent way too much time on it already, so I just delete them as I find them. Maybe another time I will poke at it again, but not now.

I came here to check up on whether there was a fix for linking multiple verses, but I literally just finished working on a Shortcut to do this! Remove headings in Obsidian Bible

Please note:

  • I’ve only tested this on MacOS Montery. No idea if it’ll run correctly on iOS.
  • From my testing it works for the majority of cases, but won’t catch a heading which occurs mid-sentence
  • There’s a false-positive that occurs with a double quote following a single quote (see example below). There’s likely to be a quick fix by looking at the regex, but I’ve spent far too long on this already!

"‘Behold, I send my messenger before your face, who will prepare your way before you.’

Back up your Scripture folder before trying this!!!

  1. When you first run it, you’ll need to set the top action to your Scripture folder. The Shortcut will process your directory book by book.
  2. The first prompt you see will show all the positive matches in a given book (each separated weirdly by a double space). Press Enter to proceed. If you cancel now, the entire Shortcut will stop.
  3. The second prompt will ask if you want to process all the chapters at once, skip the book, or be prompted for each chapter individually. Check each line carefully to make sure that they are all headings that you want removed.
  4. There’s a lot of headings over hundreds of chapters over 66 books, so the process takes a good chunk of time to work through, but it’s definitely faster than doing it manually!

Note: as mentioned above, there are some rare cases of false-positives, which is why you may need to go chapter-by-chapter. I’ve erred on the side of caution with the search to reduce the number, but some are inevitable.

Did I mention you should back up your Scripture directory before trying this?!

You can use the following regex search in Obsidian to quickly check that it’s worked on your vault:

/\S(\.|\?|\!|\"|\')[A-Z]/ -/[A-Z]\'[A-Z]/

There are some edge case ones that slip through because they occur in the middle of a sentence. You’ll have to get those manually by searching through Obsidian. I can’t find my regex search string for those, but I’ll figure it out tomorrow and post back here when I do.

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I love it! Really great idea. I’ll be creating a new vault for this. I’m reading the Bible daily and I’m studying regularly, this will help me tremendously!

I have one question. I have a bible in epub and PDF that I would like to use. Do you have a way to convert those into the Obsydian script that you use?

Looking forward to your reply!

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I also have my whole bible in RTF formate. Is that usable? You can see this download link to check the format:

All bible books are in their own file. And each file has an overview of what’s in the book.

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Hi Joshua and others,

I’ve been trying now for a few hours to get the bash script to run on MacOs, but no luck. I keep getting syntax errors.

I wonder if someone would be willing to download for me the NRSV translation with the options -beai ?

In particular, I’d love to have the editor’s sub-headings so that I can link to those headings instead of to one single verse when referencing something inside of a chapter.

If helpful, here’s my email - [email protected]

Thanks to anyone who might be able to help, and take care.

If anyone is looking for help in setting up or running the script, please ask me on this thread Bible Study Kit in Obsidian Scripts (Help and Support) or with a personal message.

I for myself am an software engineer working with Windows / Macos / iOS.
I had trouble with the script myself and we might build up a good starting up guide (install ruby) and a troubleshooting if we move out of this release thread and start posting on a more specific thread.


Hi Awi,

I understand your approach. I think it is easier to work in the way that you have headings for each vers (###### 1). In the new preview mode you don’t see the ‘hashtags’.

But I’m very sorry - i can’t help you with a script. I also used Joshuas script and adopted it a bit.
Here is a bible chapter and an example how i work.

Hi Hermann
Your underlining looks great.
How do you do it?
Do you know if there is a way to use multi colored highlights?
I mainly use the Obsidian Bible on my mobile phone. It bugged me how the numbering interupted the flow of the text. Aditionally, when writing a link, as soon as you put in the ^, it suggests the content of the verse. Very handy. :slightly_smiling_face:
I started to format it all by hand. It will take me years to complete it…
I see it as a hobby. :slightly_smiling_face:

For the unterlining i use the Highlightr-Plugin.
I understand the advanteges of using the ^. Using the # suggests only the verse number. But most of the time it is enough for me. Now I have my Bible translation in my vault and can use it productively.
For the links (under each chapter), I made an excle table that created the correct links for me for each chapter. If that would be helpful, I can share the excle file. But it was much work with copy & paste. I made it every time bevor reading a chapter in my bible.

Hi Herman
Thanks a lot! This is a great plugin.
Unfortunately it doesn’t work well on mobile (yet).
Edit: It works great on mobile! I only had to add it to the toolbar.
You made a good point: Use the bible with what you already have!
I don’t even need to tag the whole bible in advance. When I want to link to a specific verse obsidian does it anyway and creates its own tag. I can then change that to the corresponding verse number.
Although I don’t really understand how you use the excel files I’d be interrested to try them.

Hi Awi
I can send you the excel file. Just write me your email address as a personal message.

Hey, @davidrsim this is pretty late but I was wondering whether you’ve gotten your amazing script to work on iOS since this message. Almost a month ago, QuickAdd had an update that made user scripts work on mobile, but when I tested your script on my iPhone, Obsidian would always reload, which also occurred before the update. Have you had any luck?

Linking Plugin!

Hi, I have created a simple plugin for easier linking of multiple verses. You can download the plugin here and view description of how to use/install it here. It should also appear in the community plugin list soon (waiting to be verified by Obsidian team).


Bible Linker Example


If you find any bugs, feel free to create issue on GitHub


The plugin has been added to the community list and can be now downloaded as any other plugin directly in Obsidian.

I’m running into the same error: cannot load such file – colorize (LoadError)
The only change I made was to use - v NET

Not a Christian, but I really like this. Love having the references right inside Obsidian and nicely organized and cross-linked.

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UPDATE: I managed to prevent Obsidian mobile from reloading by deleting the first few parts of your script, namely the console.log stuff at the beginning

Obsidian Bible Linker plugin update (almost anyone can use it now)

Hello everyone, I updated my plugin for easier linking of multiple verses.

There is now a new command called “Create Obsidian links to Bible verses”, which should be usable with basically any Bible file structure (you can tweak its behavior in settings to suit your needs).

Little showcase:

Hope you will like it.