Bible Study in Obsidian Kit (including the Bible in Markdown)

Thanks really handy to have, thanks! :+1:

If you’re referring to the theme a couple of posts above, that’s the Minimal theme with a couple of tweaks.

Hi @joebuhlig!

I did some work on this in a fork, @Joschua. You likely don’t want to pull it in directly but I made some adjustments for my own purposes.

This sounds like something that I was really interested in. Would you be willing to show a short video of how this update works in action?

I notice that Bible Gateway is pretty footnote/commentary light… even on Bibles which (if I recall correctly) require that their notes be reprinted with every reproduction of the Biblical text :open_mouth:

I bring this up because one of the big reasons I wanted to do this was because my gigantic study bible is just too big to read away from a desk and I wanted to read some Bibles with heavy commentary (particularly the NRSV w/ Apocrypha) but if I recall correctly from the other thread, the process requires turning footnotes off? Is there another Bible site to which this can be applied? I’d still like to read the Louis Segond (might help my French) but really… some way of turning an ebook into markdown might be easiest, because I think I have ebook versions of one of my bibles. I’ll have to check.

I’m hoping someone can help me with a small problem I’m having with this. I followed all the instructions and was able to grab the ESV from BibleGateway. Unfortunately, even though I have headers set to “false” in, I’m still getting them in my text. For example, here is what I get for Genesis 8.19:

Every beast, every creeping thing, and every bird, everything that moves on the earth, went out by families from the ark.God’s Covenant with Noah

As you can see, the header from BG get’s stuck on the end of the previous verse.

I’ve made sure I have the latest version of the bg2md.rb script and Is there anything else I can do to keep these out? Or are any of you good enough with regular expressions to help me remove them all quickly?

Thanks for any help!

Thanks for this - this is going to be really useful to me as a preacher in preparing messages and my own Bible Study - thanks for sharing. Still thinking through how I will use this and I see loads of potential.

I am trying to download the NIV version as this is the version I speak from. I have followed the process on GitHub and it downloads all the folders and files but when I open a file in Obsidian I only get the links as seen in the screenshot below. I am not used to programming so could have missed something obvious. I am also new Obsidian.

I also get the following in Terminal with a load error:

Are you able to help me?

Screenshot 2021-04-19 at 18.59.03

Hey @joshmay , I think you might have missed a small step in the installation.

In the error output you can see cannot load such file -- colorize. That leads me to believe that the colorize module might not be installed. Have a look at the bg2md installation guide or try running sudo gem install colorize optparse clipboard .

Let me know if that worked!

Hi @Joschua, thanks for this. I have run the ‘sudo gem install colorize optparse clipboard’ and this has enabled me to download the files with the actual scripture in them as well.

However although I used the ‘bash -I NIV’ command it has downloaded the WEB version ops the Bible.

Here is a screenshot of the commands that I typed and you can see it says ‘starting download of WEB Bible’:

Screenshot 2021-04-20 at 19.26.54

Any thoughts on this?

Thank you

Glad to hear it works now! Have you tried running bash -i -v NIV. In the script option summary it specifies -v to select a version.

That’s great, thank you for your patience! Now have the NIV, and using in Obsidian. This is going to make such a difference to my preaching prep…can now link in illustrations, book notes and scriptures and other resources through the link function. Thinking I will download other Bible versions as well.

One question at the end of each chapter of the Bible in the NIV version I have the text “NIV Reverse Interlinear Bible: English to Hebrew and English to Greek. Copyright © 2019 by Zondervan.More on the NIV”

Not sure if there is an easy way to automate the removal of this in each file. No matter if not, but though I would check before I start downloading other versions.

Thanks again for your help!

You should be able to use a text editor like Atom or Notepad++ to do a Find and Replace in all the files in your directory. Just find that text and replace it with nothing.

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Great - thanks @RogerP will give this a go.

Exciting update!

Thanks to my generous patreons the Bible Study kit is now available on Obsidian Publish.

Now you can play with the kit without downloading it to your hard drive! V2 includes some tweaks and fixes and is integrated more closely with how I use Obsidian for note taking and digital gardening.

Thanks for your support! :hugs:


Hey there, seems like you are pretty good at scripting? I have a large OneNote file I would like to get my notes into obsidian… I also am trying to figure out how to auto-link the references that I already have. Thirdly, I would like it to be able to type in a range (i.e. [[Genesis 1:1-2]]. Would you be able to help with any of these?

I have figured out how to do a massive “search and replace” and use regex in Atom to put brackets around all of the entries… Does anybody have a scripting idea for a range of references? I know I can have Excel add a numerical range but that’s a long way around…

I wish I had a solution for ranges like that. What I’ve done is just make smaller ranges into multiple links. For example, Genesis 1:1–2 would be:

[[Gen-01#v1|Genesis 1:1]]–[[Gen-01#v2|2]]

What this does is allow me to hover over an individual verse number and see it in the popover preview. For a range of three verses, I also link the dash. Genesis 1:1–3 becomes:

[[Gen-01#v1|Genesis 1:1]][[Gen-01#v2|–]][[Gen-01#v3|3]]

In this example, hovering over “Genesis 1:1” shows verse 1, hovering over “–” shows verse 2, and hovering over “3” shows verse 3. If the range is longer than three verses, I just link to the first verse in the range and follow the link when I want to read the entire range. This is not perfect, but it is what works for now.

There is a feature request for Support for Linking To/Embedding Ranges which, if implemented, would solve this problem.

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Your approach is a really good workaround for now. I am hoping to work on a plugin of sorts than can apply that formatting automatically. It’s quite the hassle to type otherwise.


Thank you @Joschua ! :+1: I downloaded the script from your Github repo, it works fine, except I don’t have the file. I can’t find it in the repo and the script did not create this file.

You can use the provided The file as an overview file.

I guess I can create a file and make links to the books manually, but If there’s a ready-to-use overview file I’d like to check it out.

Never mind, I made an overview file.

Yes, that’s exactly what I was thinking… typing it out is quite an issue. I guess I will use this for now and wait for the functionality to come out later.