Bible Study in Obsidian Kit (including the Bible in Markdown)

Hmm. Not perfectly. I’ve ran across a few chapters that just have part of what looks like footnote text, but no biblical text. So far, I have just cut and pasted from Bible Gateway. Not perfect, but good enough. My purpose is essentially to use the bible in Obsidian as a way to link other materials to particular chapters. (I was considering just running the broken script to generate all the book/chapter notes and link to that.

Is there an edition if the WEB markdown bible that has all the filenames with the full Bible book names rather than the abbreviated ones? (Gen-01 Exod-03) I’d like it to be formatted the long way, and in a completely readable way “1 Chronicles 3; 2 John 4” for example. Is this available for download? Im completely unknowledgeable on how to do it myself. I might go through each file manually… but that sounds like it sill yake a while haha.

i looked at the scripts and the instructions, i didnt see any options for keeping the full names of Bible books and not having any aliases. Is that possible to do with these scripts?


I am looking for a solution to display my Bible in Obsidian. I downloaded the Bible using Joshua’s script some time ago. Then, I customized the Minimal Theme with a CSS snippet to align the h6 headings to the left edge (I found this somewhere in the forum). However, I find it distracting while reading that there is always such a large space between the verses. Is there a snippet or another solution for this? Unfortunately, I have no programming knowledge and cannot do it myself…

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Add the following under .markdown-preview-view h6:

margin-top: -30px !important

You may have to play around with the numeric value a bit to get it just right or just to your liking.

The CSS above also has an effect on embeds in both Live Preview and Reading modes, so you will probably also need to add some or all of the following CSS:

/* Live preview and popup previews */
div.markdown-embed .markdown-preview-view h6 {
	position: relative; 	/* Changed from absolute to enable verse and SNW counter display in popup previews */
	margin-top: -20px !important; /* Note that this affects the top margin in both live-preview embeds and popup previews! Added to enable verse and SNW counter display in popup previews */

/* Reading Mode */
.markdown-preview-view .markdown-embed-content p:first-child {
	margin: 1px;
	margin-top: 25px !important; /* Added to counteract -30px above and match block quotes */

I had to add all this to my Bible verse CSS to counteract a bug I documented here.

New to obsidian. I’ve been getting my vault set up and working on running the script to get the a bible in markdown.

Has anyone else experienced empty folders for books of the Bible that have number prefixes (ie, 1 Samuel, 2 Samuel, etc)?

All the other books seem fine. But not those specific ones. I’m not a programmer, so I don’t know what happened.

Should I run the script again? Do something else?

Don’t get me wrong, this is a cool tool, but it’s results are far from perfect.
In my Bible folder in my vault I’ve had over 30 notes (aka chapters) that are either empty or partially truncated.

And the entire book of Acts is blank.