Backlinks and tag/search results as first class citizens

I use backlinks a lot, for example I mark entries in any project [[todo]] so I can see all of my tasks as backlinks in my mostly empty ‘’ note. I mark entries [[hrs]] for billable hours that need to be entered into my billing system, etc.
But the backlinks pane is not a first class citizen. It should be a full ‘buffer’ of it’s own. I know Obsidian doesn’t have PRINT yet (another issue), so I print from another app opening the MD file directly. Or I can copy/paste the entire note into another app. But I can’t do this for the backlinks pane. It is completely invisible to the rest of my computer with no way to print it or copy all or interactive with it in virtually any way at all.
If I used #todo tags instead of links I would have the same problem. The tag search results are not printable, they don’t exist in a file, they can’t be selected and copied.

Some solutions might be:

  • save pane to file
  • show backlinks at the bottom of the buffer and make it selectable/copyable
  • allow backlinks and search results to be selected and copied
  • make backlinks and search results full editable buffers
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These are all great ideas, but I strongly suggest making these separate feature requests and confirming that there aren’t already existing requests (hint: there are :wink:)

I don’t see a request for your first bullet save pane to file, which is a great idea and perhaps you could narrow this topic to that.

Yes, thank you! I will post that as a small discrete feature that is easily implemented and will be a good improvement.

Great, thank you. I’m going to archive this request then.