Display all backlink info and allow to edit it

I copy some obsdn help info to Roam to compare what are the different.
bcz I don’t want use my own info to show public.

I found 2 important points.


In Roam
display all backlink info , without switch page to check it.

but in obsdn
display a piece of backlink info, have to switch page to check it.


In Roam
Allow edit backlink info , without swtich page .

but in obsdn

Can’t edit backlink info, have to switch page.


Super convenient: plus plus!

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How serendipitous: more control over the context you can see in your backlinks is coming very soon!

Editable transclusions are in the cards, but I’m not sure if the devs have thought about editable backlinks. Thanks for the suggestion.


I know that now we can see more context in the backlinks pane, but still we cannot see the complete sentence right now. Is this feature still in the works? Thanks

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+1. The problem with the backlinks panel hasn’t been resolved.

The backlinks pane is still one of Obsidian’s weakest points compared to Roam

Suppose there are some reading notes on a concept. Roam allows us to review at a glance all the mentions of a concept organized in an easily readable hierarchy. So we get the info organized around an idea for free, which seems like the main promise of backlinks.

Compared to that, Obsidian allows for some basic preview, but if we want to get a complete overview of the idea, it forces us to click on every mention, then search for the link in the newly opened pane, which is much more tedious.

Some thoughts on what needs to be done

  • I would imagine, editing here is much harder to implement than viewing, but in this case, viewing is 80% of the benefits for 20% of the effort
  • The backlinks panel should render every mention into pretty HTML. Raw text is hard to read, especially with no indentation and with sentences chopped off in the middle with ...
  • The context around each backlink should be structure-sensitive instead of length-sensitive. E.g.:
    • Visibility level 1: show the complete text block, however long
    • Visibility level 2: same as 1 + show the heading for the current block + show all the child list items if the link is inside a list
    • Visibility level 3: show all the heading (or file, if there are no headings) with its contents