Auto-update backlinks to headers on header title change

Obsidian currently supports two types of links: 1) To files 2) To headings inside the files. It also supports auto-updating all backlinks when the file name is changed. It would be great if it is also possible to update the backlinks that link to the headers when the header title is changed.


This is a planned feature. :slight_smile:


This is fundamental, like auto-update links to notes. I hope we won’t have to wait too long to get it implemented.

Just checked on v 0.8.4—not implemented yet.

@mmo: see my question to @Silver here.

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It seems that it is not implemented yet. It’s a core feature! I hope to see it implemented soon.

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Can’t wait for a magic!

Just also noticed this fundamental issue and was wondering if it was mentioned, it was, back in May! Seems like they’ve noted it and hopefully will be fixed soon. I’m liking the post and replying in hopes to bring it back up to attention. :slight_smile:
Only thing I can do now is either manually check all references I made to the header I’m about to change or withhold using this feature. :frowning:

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+1. Without this feature, all the heading links are fragile to the point where it’s impractical to use them in most cases

In other words, your headers change quite frequently.

It’s not just headers, once you change the name of the file, all the header links to it are broken

@bishop1860: I am not sure I understand because when one changes a file name all links to it are amended accordingly. So, are we talking about 2 different things?

Oh, you’re right. So the header autoupdate is actually only useful for renaming headers after all

@bishop1860: right. The devs have said that the automatic adjustment of links to header changes will, at some stage, be fixed.