Auto link B—>A after A—>B link creation

A simple timesaver plugin for periods of time when you are linking notes and want both notes to contain the links.

I could also imagine this as a feature request where there is a setting toggle that would likely be off by default.



I would have thought this was a no-brainer, in light of everything else Obsidian can do. So ya, +1!

Pretty sure one of @mrjackphil’s plugins provides an easy way of doing this:


Very cool. I appreciate that.

I was actually feeling pretty lazy and thinking that there might be a mode you could just turn on and the natural Obsidian link creation process would immediately add the link back to note with said link.


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Yes, I believe that with this, you need to go back to the first page (A), then highlight the link to (B), press the shortcut, which then creates the link in (B), back to (A).
It’s a little cumbersome when you may want bidirectional set up most of the time.
Remnote does this.

@jezza Do you know of some e.g. video-illustration showing how it is works in Remnote?

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