Best practices: single sided links or dual sided links

I’m curious what others might me doing in scenarios similar to the simple one I’m mentioning here.

Say I create a note called Movies. Then I add a line to it for the Social Dilemma. I make that a link and then add my notes to the new Social Dilemma note.

How many people put for instance “Link: [[Movies]]” on the Social Dilemma note? There is already a linked mention back to Movies.

Part of me though would like it in the content of the note so it’s easier to see.

Curious how others link and if they only do sort of one-sided links or links both inbound and outbound… Thanks for any info you can provide!


I am a fan of adding links in both directions in cases where neither note is more important.

For example, when iterating links amongst each other in a pool of source idea fragments that will be assembled into more sophisticated ideas, I like to get the back links in place immediately as they help trigger new links and give the freedom of ping ponging around while only focusing on the note content.

Using arrows in the graph and turning repel forces up and center and link forces down can be helpful to try to double check for any backlinks you forgot to add.

You can also go the plugin route, where this process appears to be automated. I recently made these requests: Auto link B—>A after A—>B link creation and Auto add links of all open notes to all open notes

Good question. I was curious about this as well. Thanks.

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I double link my notes, its a habit. however as I am playing with Obsidian Publish I find this way cluttering. Now I am of the same dilemma to double link or not to double link…

Interesting approaches, personally I don’t ever do dual sided links, I find it redundant and not needed. I rather rely on backlinks and tags.

I should have added that part of the reason I do this dual link method is with the plan to use those pools of links to move into either tables, where they are expanded upon with commentary and category Identification in adjacent columns, or arranged in hierarchical lists of links, reordering and expanding upon the ideas as if writing with links as words. While the links importantly function as links to keep all occurrences of an idea accounted for, they are also truly the self similar multi scale atoms of construction.

This is a relatively new part of my workflow, but has been very effective as of yet. Specifically, being able to leverage the first column of the table to act as a code word sorting mechanism has been a boost for my organizational process in-note. I can just add single or multi word code words that are essentially identifiers with the sole purpose of being pre tags to be used to allow automated clumping of like things when the table text is cut and pasted into spreadsheet software, alphabetized, and returned to Obsidian. This functionality would be even more flexible if I knew a good way to reorder columns: Is it possible to reorder columns in a table?

And, when I said pre tags, I am implying that these tables are like experimental workspaces for groups of pieces that will likely be cut out and developed as independent notes. Then the process repeats as links to those notes are added to the mix in a new pool of links to be tabled or listed.


I’m trying do one sided link if there is a hierarchical connection, double sided if the two nodes are at the same level.