+1 would love to see asiidoc support.


+1. Markdown fails at anything even slightly complicated, like code blocks in lists or complicated tables. Asciidoctor has thought of all of the complicated things authors might ever want to do and, unlike Markdown, is still very much being improved upon (there is even an Asciidoctor 3 working group). Meanwhile with Markdown you end up with 7 half-baked incompatible implementations.


+1 on asciidoc

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+1 on asciidoc

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+1 on Asciidoc,

And always is good to remember that the toolset for Asciidoc is mature and ready to support it as an alternative: Migrate from Markdown to Asciidoctor | Asciidoctor Docs


+1 for @asciidoc

Tables in plain markdown are dreadful


+1 for AsciiDoc support

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This Please!

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Agreed - Asciidoc support please - and would pay more for it +1


+1 for Asciidoc, absolutely, and would put down hard cash for it.

Bonus if we could graph Asciidoc include directives and xref equivalents as well.

+1 please

I’m pretty sure that AsciiDoctor has done most of the legwork already with their CM6 plugin: GitHub - asciidoctor/codemirror-asciidoc: AsciiDoc mode for CodeMirror

Since Editor extensions - Developer Documentation says that “…an Obsidian editor extension is the same thing as a CodeMirror 6 extension”, this shouldn’t be too hard to convert to use with Obsidian…right? Speaking as somebody who has not created a plugin (yet).

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Hello, for the last few weekends I have been trying to make a proof of concept plugin for asciidoc.

There it is GitHub - dzruyk/obsidian-asciidoc: PoC obsidian asciidoc viewer/editor plugin

However as far as I understand, there are several API limitations to implementing full-fledged asciidoc support, namely:

  • there is no way to register non-markdown files for global search
  • looks like there is no way to register cross-references from non-markdown files
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Ah–good to know and thanks for sharing! It will be a most welcome plugin even without links functionality (and I see you recommending the omnisearch plugin to fill in the search gap–good call), since so few apps support AsciiDoc at all (despite the begging and pleading I see for it across feature request boards all over :sweat_smile:). Thank you for your work on this!

In any case, I agree that Markdown is just straight up bad.

I wholeheartedly agree with this. Markdown’s limitations often force users to look for other tools in order to produce semantic text. It’s evident in the proliferation of platform-specific Markdown variants and the need of third-party libraries to create meaningful documents. Looking at the expanded feature set of Obsidian Flavored Markdown, I find myself wishing for investment in support for either alternative text languages (like AsciiDoc or reStructuredText) or better API support so plugin developers can build a Obsidian-esque UX that supports all the existing core entities. Looking at the additions to Obsidian Flavored Markdown:

  • Mermaid diagrams

These additions underscore Markdown’s inherent problems in usability and functionality. I would love to see some discussion here that moves this forward.

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Another +1 here.

Gotta say, this seems a really good idea. Maybe even creating a separate branch for this. The overlap is big enough to make this interesting and also, the benefits seem worth the effort.

It doesn’t matter how ubiquitous markdown is if we can start slowly providing support for AsciiDoc. AsciiDoc has almost the same syntax but it offers more core features.
It doesn’t help offering other tools, I believe we want the obsidian experience with the amazing plugins and UX. This is why we are asking in this forum and not migrating away.