Would love to see asciidoc support in this. The graph view is unbeatable, but I have extensive documentation in adoc, and I can’t even open those from the folder view as things stand.

Would 100% pay for this option.

Any chance it can be roadmapped?


+1 for AsciiDoc support

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another vote for asciidoc from me

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I’m not sure it’s possible.
Even pandoc only converts one way (to not from).

Seems to me that less good but ubiquitous is always more practical than best but rare.

Yes I would LOVE! to see AsciiDoc support at some stage.

I was a huge fan of markdown 10 years ago and managed to convince a lot of people to adopt it at the time, however the more you use it the more you come across shortcomings (which have been resolved to a certain extent in various different “flavours” of markdown.)

To me that is the single biggest issue with markdown… CommonMark never really took off and there are too many different implementations floating around in the inter webs. None of them resolve all the shortcomings in a consistent manner.

The best and simplest solution is AsciiDoctor. It is really well documented and well thought through. It takes about 30 mins to learn all the basic syntax and you can rest assured that all the complicated corner cases have been properly and consistently addressed, such as:

  • Embedding multiple other asciidoc files into a master doc
  • Specifying the image size and text flow
  • Writing complete books with it
  • Foonotes
  • References
  • etc… (all these things are handled very elegantly)

I would not care about having a preview option in asciidoc (even though it should be straight forward enough with asciidoctor.js).

@Silver You could easily capture a large portion of the asciidoc users with Obsidian.


While I too would like asciidoct support, there are other things on my list at a higher priority and I suspect this is not even on the developers’ list!

But you can convert asciidoc to git format markdown etc. going via a docbook format intermediate step. Something like

asciidoctor -b docbook -a leveloffset=+1 -o - foo.adoc | \
pandoc --atx-headers --wrap=preserve -t gfm -f docbook - >

The conversion is not perfect but good enough.

I wish to revive this topic. I would really love asciidoc support. What can I do to advocate for it?

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Hey this thread is not even labelled as feature request. OP?

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Is it possible to change? If not, I am happy to own the thread and champion this!

Quick update, I spoke to some of the folks at my work and we’re interested in a corporate license for the team if we had alternative formats, specifically AsciiDoc. What can we do to jump-start or otherwise ignite this discussion?

I would also prefer to use Asciidoc instead of markdown. For all the basics, Asciidoctor supports writing it using exactly the same syntax as markdown (so for simple documents they are the same), but it’s got lots of extra features built in:

  • Simpler & better tables
  • Frontmatter
  • TOC’s
  • Inter-document linking



I also want to donate to support AsciiDoc. Obsidian on AsciiDoc seems to me an uncompromising and perfect space. Asciidoc has includes, variables, and basic if…there.

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+1 for Asciidoc support

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+1 for asciidoc


another vote for asciidoc from me

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+1 for AsciiDoc from me

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+1 for Asciidoc.

Shouldn’t this be under Feature Request?

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:+1: Would be nice to have a preview mode for Asciidoctor PDF.

+1 for Asciidoc support.

+1 for asciidoc support too!