Any way to integrate Grammarly as plugin?

I’m a law student. I need Grammarly/Turnitin so when I write research notes I can let these app do some editing/changing/spell check, etc. Can it integrate into a plugin? Thanks for any ideas.


Of those two, only ‘Turnitin’ offers an API. So that one should be possible at least.


From what I can tell, this isn’t possible. The obsidian languagetool plugin isn’t quite as powerful as grammarly, but is close.


Some folks have tried to reverse engineer the grammarly api, but it’s hard to know how stable that would be: GitHub - stewartmcgown/grammarly-api: Unofficial TypeScript client for the Grammarly API

Unfortunately, a proper api doesn’t really seem to fit with grammarly’s business model, so it doesn’t seem likely we’ll see one anytime soon. LanguageTool is a decent replacement. I don’t find it nearly as accurate, but it will pick up basic things.

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In the latest roundup mail by @EleanorKonik there was a link to @pseudometa post on discord about plugins for longform.
(here it is: Discord )

He mentioned languagetool: GitHub - Clemens-E/obsidian-languagetool-plugin: languagetool plugin for obsidian

Which is fine, but I’m a premium Grammarly user and their checks go further.

So I got into a rabbit hole on the subject, I knew there was a plugin for VSCODE with grammarly:

And the unofficial API: GitHub - stewartmcgown/grammarly-api: Unofficial TypeScript client for the Grammarly API

But apparently, Grammarly just started offering a preview to an API:

So either way, official or unofficial, it seems there is finally an opening to a Grammarly plugin.


This would be very useful for my workflow. + onsies in hopes someone develops a Grammarly plugin.


I notice there is also an API for ProWritingAid which happens to be the service I normally use in other software.

I have no idea on how to create a plugin though, just thought I should mention it if someone is looking for grammar/writing related API’s.

You can have the same file open simultaneously in Obsidian and ProWritingAid; no need for an API really. You don’t see the results in Obsidian itself, but, given the number of reports ProWritingAid produces, would you really want to?

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Haha, I am having one of those “Wait, what? Water is wet?” moments where I realise I hadn’t actually even thought about that. So obvious that I didn’t even think about that I guess. :rofl:

But yes, you are correct, I probably don’t want all that stuff in to Obsidian. I will now be opening up my files in ProWritingAid as well, in parallel. Much neater.

In fact, one of my most used usages of ProWritingAid is to turn it off where it embeds itself in for example my browsers, as it can be really annoying at times too when I just wish to write a short note or something. I do like it for when typing up longer texts/articles though.

Agree about turning it off sometimes when it’s embedded.
It’s great that it works direct with markdown files.

Ideally, this would be a standalone product that did not require internet.

There aren’t many good ones of those. LanguageTool, Hemingway, StyleWriter iirc

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