Any way to integrate Grammarly as plugin?

Hope to see this as a part of the community plugin, so it’s easier to install. For those who aren’t familiar, you’ll have to download and install in the obsidian/plugin folder directly.

Keep developing. Kudos.

Good to see someone from Grammarly interested in developing this plugin.

Just feedback, besides the community plugin ease of installation, I noticed that some times the pop over does not show up all the time when we hover a word. Im not sure if its my theme. but just fyi.

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Hmm… I’ll try and do some testing on it to see if I encounter that issue, and I’ll report back if I find it. In the meantime, I’ll try and scan @simonpacis’s repo too for issues specific to the Grammarly integration.

It’s working on my computer. This is a great improvement to my work.

Thank you!