Android version: portrait mode shows side-by-side tabs but landscape mode does not

Steps to reproduce

I tried but I couldn’t find the sandbox on Obsidian for Android?!? If that counts for anything, it’s a brand new clean install of Obsidian on Android with nothing turned on except white instead of dark theme (because it’s an eink device and black is a crime scene on eink) but the account login and having set up one vault and said two notes.

Expected result

the tabs side by side as expected

Actual result

only one tab is shown in landscape mode, not two, please see screenshot below


Sorry but the part "Swipe down from the top on mobile) enter "Show debug info"" doesn't work for me. When I swipe I just see the usual device menu. I tried to find this from the settings menu but I couldn't. If someone helps me with this, I will add it later.

Additional information

screenshot portrait mode

screenshot landscape mode

Please note that this issue seems to be exactly what is reported in this topic without solutions or replies: Android split view in landscape mode

It also seems similar to what is reported here: Tablet version in landscape mode but the solution is to activate “developer mode”?!? I hope there is a better solution.
(Please note that one of the comments suggests that OP has mixed landscape and portrait modes but at least in my case the problem is indeed in landscape mode, also visible in the screenshots of the other topic above so it seems to be a common problem for Android that I could not find a solid solution solution reported for yet)

Many thanks in advance.