Tablet version in landscape mode

Use case or problem

In my 8 inch android tablet, the app shows in tablet mode or desktop layout only in portrait. But in landscape it shows phone layout . But I think there is enough space in landscape mode for desktop layout.

Proposed solution

Fix this, add desktop layout in landscape as well.

Current workaround (optional)

Related feature requests (optional)


It sounds like you have “portrait” and landscape" reversed (unless the app is behaving strangely)— landscape is wide, portrait is tall.

App is indeed behaving strangely, at least in my case. I’ve got the same behavior with my galaxy tab s6

  • when my tablet is in portrait mode (tall) - obsidian shows ‘desktop mode’
  • when my tables is in landscape mode (wide) - obsidian shows phone layout. Which is not good because I cannot do splits and stuff :slight_smile:

One potentially interesting observation: when I use samsung dex - the feature of samsung tablets making them behave more like desktop - the obsidian shows desktop mode in landscape as expected. Not sure if that helps to pinpoint the problem, but that’s a potential workaround for samsung tablet owners like me.

P.S.: previously splits worked in both landscape and portrait. But I didn’t use obsidian on my tablet for more than a year. They were many updates since then so this fact is probably useless now :slight_smile:

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Found a solution. Got same problem with Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 lite.

  1. Activate developer mode in tablet.
  2. Go to developer tab and change “Minimal width” to 720.
  3. Profit.

Then you possible need to change font size to the amount you like.

P.S. The minimum width for Obsidian to consider the device a tablet is 570 or so. However, if you start editing, it will switch to mobile again. You can experiment and find out the most convenient ratio of interface scale and font size. It will be a value between 570 and 720.

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Just want to bump this feature request.

Im running an android tablet and the ability to force desktop mode would help make good use of the gutters around the actual content.

Edit: it seems that the side bars can be pinned so its possible to have both panels permanently open.