Alternate checkboxes by checked-off character

So, I vaguely remember spotting a plugin a couple of months ago that let you style your checkboxes based on what character was used to check them off. i.e.

- [x] This would look normal - the base obsidian theme
- [?] But this would look different when rendered
- [-] And this would also look different

I didn’t install it at the time but thought of a use for it a couple of days ago. However, when I tried to locate it, I couldn’t find it anywhere.
Does anyone know if this plugin exists and where I can download it? (Or, alternatively, know that the plugin doesn’t exist and that my brain is playing tricks on me).

I vaguely remember something like that too. I found some links, but I seem to remember something else I can’t find.

I don’t think it was this, was it? Emojis in task list


Yeah, those aren’t it. Thank you for searching though!

I think I found it! The SlRvb’s Checkboxes CSS snippet offers different checkboxes based on the character inside the checkbox.

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