Allow more hackability for Obsidian Publish

Use case or problem

I want to use Obsidian Publish for my website for a more seamless integration with how I write in Obsidian, but I want to be able to do things like add Google Analytics or add whole new functionalities and UX adjustments to the site. CSS isn’t enough, so for now since I want my site to be custom, I am using a Jekyll theme. My blog serves a business purpose as well, so it’s really important for me.

Proposed solution

I would love to be able to download my setup and edit it in VS Code like I could a Jekyll or Gatsby theme. If that’s too much, I still want to be able to control things like URLs, insert things into the HTML, etc.


Just came here looking for Google Analytics. It would be really helpful to know which content is accessed from the published subdomain site. Not sure if this is possible with the redirects, but would be nice, even to have analytics set up as a second site.

I would also love Google Analytics.
I don’t need that much hackability (yet) but basic analytics would be invaluable.

I specifically want this so OR a way to add analytics to my site (such as by configuring a GA site id)

google analytics and custom js support will be added in 0.11.10 for custom domains.
This request is a big vaugue, I am gonna archive it. If you have other specific requests open a new one.

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