Allow me to search for hotkeys by hotkey as well as command name

Use case or problem

Hello, thanks for stopping by.
I’m trying to find out what ctl-opt-B conflicts with in my list.
But there is no way to find out without scrolling a long list of items, which are not even sortable by hotkey, much less searchable

Proposed solution

Three things would help:

  1. When there is a conflict, list the conflicting commands in the list instead of just turning the hotkey red
  2. Make the list of hotkeys searchable by hotkey as well as command
  3. Make the list of hotkeys sortable by hotkey as well as command.

Current workaround (optional)

See issue #48219

See moonbase59 and holroy’s dataview scripts at DataviewJS Snippet Showcase - #269 by holroy

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Lovely, thanks! Not only does that solve my problem but it educates me. :wink:

One more solution

thanks to @egauthier for pointing out to me this plugin which is amazing:
keyboard analyzer