Allow [[links]] to folders

Waypoint doesn’t link to folders unless they contain folder notes (a note with the same name as its parent folder).

As someone said above, I’m neither for or against this. If linking to a [[folder]] were a thing, great, but what would actually happen when you click on the link? Highlight the folder in the Files tab? Without a folder note, I don’t see much else happening.

This is interesting, but again, I think some kind of folder note is needed.

Current options collected from this thread:

Linking within Obsidian

  • Link to a folder note (and use Waypoint or something similar to list every note in that folder).

  • Use [folder](obsidian://search?vault=Vault&query=path:this/folder) to open the Search tab showing all the notes in the folder.

Linking to external folders (opens in Finder or File Explorer)

  • mac: [folder](<file:///Users/USER/Documents/MyFolder>)

  • Windows: [folder](<file:///C:/Users/USER/Desktop/PathTo/MyFolder>)