Allow [[links]] to folders

Then I will get a mind map on the tree view :slight_smile : )


I’d love to see this functionality too.


I’m trying to use Obsidian for collaborative notes between myself and work colleagues. I’d like to link to various project folders on dropbox containing drawings, spreadsheets, and various other documents. Files in many of these folders (especially cad drawings) are named according to their revision (i.e. DrawingOfSomedamThing-R2.dwg). When I did a demo today the boss pointed out that I was linking to an out of date file so in stead of R2, I should have been linking to R3.

The solution I’d like to see could be of two forms:

  1. Embed the folder in a note using ![[folder]] so that a list of file links would be displayed, so that clicking on a file would either open it in Obsidian or in an external application.

  2. Show the folder as a link using [[folder]] so that clicking on it would open a file explorer or native file manager to get same access to files.

Also as an aside, it would quite nice if Obsidian would handle file paths and names containing spaces.

IMHO the main use case is to organize external reference materials and make them more easily accessible. Thanks in advance for lisdterning


+1 from me too

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+1 as well. For some reason the Obsidian devs don’t like folders. You can’t open a folder in the file explorer either.

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Did you try using replacing spaces for “%20”?
I know: it is FUGLY

I agree, it is outright classist

In Markdown links I think you can put the path in angle brackets instead of replacing the spaces, [like](<this here>).


That is very helpful to know. Thank you!

Ditto here. There are times that I want to create a link to a folder as a reference. For instance, I have folders that mark the root of a topic. I might very well want to reference the entire topic rather that a particular tiny part of that topic.

Please add this ASAP.

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Remember, Obsidian is not an operating system. It is designed to use links for plain text in files. There is no provision in Markdown to link folders. Maybe someone could program a plugin or a CSS script to do this, but it would be very difficult because Obsidian works across lots of Operating systems that manage folders differently.

I assume there’s a reason why not, but surely a Folder Index plugin MOC would give a file that can be linked to and contains the same links as a folder. Not quite the same thing, but maybe a close workaround.

@zettelstraum, I did not consider that but thanks for pointing that out.

Markdown provides for links — it doesn’t care what they link to.


+1, would be a very useful feature


+1 for this feature!!


+1. I would still like to see this.

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+1 I would like this too

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in case this is still of interest (i ended up here so …)
it works this way (also on mac)


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Well I think I found the solution!
There is a plugin called Waypoint Which Promise to link notes to folders and it is even automatic.