Allow [[links]] to folders

Waypoint doesn’t link to folders unless they contain folder notes (a note with the same name as its parent folder).

As someone said above, I’m neither for or against this. If linking to a [[folder]] were a thing, great, but what would actually happen when you click on the link? Highlight the folder in the Files tab? Without a folder note, I don’t see much else happening.

This is interesting, but again, I think some kind of folder note is needed.

Current options collected from this thread:

Linking within Obsidian

  • Link to a folder note (and use Waypoint or something similar to list every note in that folder).

  • Use [folder](obsidian://search?vault=Vault&query=path:this/folder) to open the Search tab showing all the notes in the folder.

Linking to external folders (opens in Finder or File Explorer)

  • mac: [folder](<file:///Users/USER/Documents/MyFolder>)

  • Windows: [folder](<file:///C:/Users/USER/Desktop/PathTo/MyFolder>)


:green_heart: What I would love for my use

For my use it would be useful to have the possibility to copy paste folders links that triggers Finder or File Explorer.
It should be as simple as simple as copy-pasting a web link. You copy paste the path and it becomes clickable in view mode.

:bulb: Implementation suggestions

Default setting

We could imagine a setting to a/ choose by default if the link is pasted as an “Obsidian Folder” (reveal in file in navigation) or an “external Folder” (open Finder or File Explorer) or b/ trigger a menu to choose each time (menu with the two options, the user can press “1” or “2” to select the options or click).


We could have commands (so it can be associated with shortcuts) to paste the link as an Obsidian Folder or External folder. It could also be implemented in the right click menu “Paste as Obsidian Folder link” or “Paste as External Folder link” when such a link is in the clipboard.
This would allow to have a default option + use a command or right click menu when you want the alternative option.


Here are the solutions
ctrl+drag the folder into od’s notes
The link will be generated

Can you link to a folder, and open it? : r/ObsidianMD

Here are the solutions

Can you link to a folder, and open it? : r/ObsidianMD

Here’s how this works: [Folder](<file:////Users/yourusername/Parentheses To Handle Spaces>) :blush:

Angle brackets to handle spaces. :wink:

New User here. Was this feature ever added or is there a plugin to support it? My Use Case is the Folders will represent Chapters and the Notes are Subsections. I would like to be able to draw correlations between the Chapter Folders.

The closest core feature is that you can now bookmark folders.

I think the most common workaround is to use folder notes (a note in a folder that has the same name as it). There are a couple of plugins that make that easier to maintain: “AidenLX’s Folder Note” and a newer one called “Folder Notes”. The ancestor of them all, “Folder Note” (by xpgo) is apparently unmaintained. There’s also a simpler one called “Note Folder Autorename”.

Can’t find a solution to this still, but what I’ve decided to do, is make a folder specifically for “canvases” of a category of things, and then putting everything from that folder into the canvas. In fact you can drag the folder into the canvas and everything will paste in tiles. Then, whatever I was wanting to [[folder]] to, I instead [[the canvas]] which links me to all the notes anyway.

If that makes sense.

JK just saw the reply about waypoints and am gonna try that out, too. lol

This would be acceptable, but ideally I’d like the current tab to show the contents of the folder (like the sidebar file browser, except limited to the current folder).


I too would like to request simple linking to folders. Just the same way as linking notes but clicking on this link would just open the folder in the side files section and have the contents dropped down.


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Counter point: How will this handle files and folders that have the same name?
(Remember, new features must never break current notes. )

As I mentioned above, prepending an exclamation point to the left brackets ![[ currently invokes a transclusion. Pretending a different character such as ^[[ or ;[[ could invoke a folder link.

In most cases this would be handled by including the path in the link, same as now. When the file and folder are siblings in the same folder, I think Obsidian should assume it’s a file link unless the user indicates otherwise by appending a slash ([[like so/]]).

There’s a plugin I use for this called zootelkeeper, obsidian://show-plugin?id=zoottelkeeper-obsidian-plugin that keeps an index document in each folder with all the files in that folder. It also has links to the index documents in subfolders. This makes navigating to folders and embedding file lists from folders very easy.

Thanks! This is exactly what I was looking for! :blue_heart::yellow_heart:

Don’t know if this has been mention yet but you can use the app Hookmarks, which works - it’ll take you to your apple files folder containing the notes, maybe not ideal but pretty easy to just then open whichever note therin within obsidian with a click or 2