After installing sonoma vault won't load

My vault no longer loads. But It does work in Ipad and Iphone using Obsidian sync.

I’m desparate

Same. Here is the error:
app.js:1 Error: File system operation timed out.
at e.kill (app.js:1:611015)
at l (app.js:1:254362)
at c (app.js:1:254478)

I have confirmed that the Obsidian App has permission to access iCloud in the app security settings.

Looking in the Obsidian iCloud folder I can see the upgrade reset all the files to be cloud only vs local. I suspect the solution is to download all the files. If you hit control on a folder you can select download now or simply enter a folder which will trigger macos to start downloading all the files in the directory. I’ll confirm that is the solve when my obsidian files finish downloading. It is moving really really slowly so was probably triggering all the time outs.

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Confirmed this was the issue. It was restoring tons and tons of icloud flies so took 90 minutes for it get get through all of obsidian. It also got stuck once and took a reboot to get it going again (killing bird didn’t help).

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Thanks! Saved me a lot of troubleshooting.

Anyone interested in why Obsidian vaults stored in iCloud could be causing problems for some people after upgrading to macOS Sonoma might want to take a look at Howard Oakley’s interesting article: macOS Sonoma has changed iCloud Drive radically – The Eclectic Light Company.

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