Ultimate solution to iCloud + Sonoma sync/slow load issues?


I store my Obsidian vault on iCloud.
As I upgraded to Sonoma, Obsidian vault takes ages to load. Sometimes I’m able to access the vault, but some of the notes would get stuck at loading (seeing the title only, waiting for the content to be fetched)

I’ve checked


WIth that in mind, I’ve manually downloaded the Obsidian iCloud folder. It worked well for around half an hour, but then the issue reappeared (apparently, with all of the files getting sent out to cloud again?)

  1. Has anyone found a way to deal with it with success?
  2. Given how much issues there is with iCloud (pre-Sonoma it was sync conflicts between my two macOS profiles, also some issues with my Keyboard Maestro sync file being… out of sync), I’m open to transitioning to another cloud solution, so looking forward to your recommendations


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Unfortunately I have the same issue and all of my efforts to find a solution and fix this failed so far. I’m a bit frightend to lose important data.