Adjustable, persistent settings from local graph

Use case or problem

When opening the local graph for a note, I have to adjust all the filters and settings every time.

Proposed solution

It would be great to have the option to check a box (in the local graph settings): “Use current local graph settings when opening new local graphs”.

It could default to “off” (also on relaunch), to reduce confusions for novice users.


I would also greatly appreciate this feature!

The way I’m currently dealing with this is that I got a local graph set up exactly the way I wanted it, and then I saved my session as a Workspace. That way, when I accidentally close a local graph (and Obsidian loses all the settings, because we don’t have this feature yet), I just go to Workspaces and reload that Workspace.

Frankly, I don’t understand why only you, zebark, and I are asking about this. The Local Graph feature allows a lot more power and flexibility than the “Global Graph” (of the entire vault), so of course one would want to use Local Graph a lot; hence we need to be able to save those settings!! It’s SO important. Before I figured out the workspace workaround, I had to redo by hand all those settings 20 to 30 times a day. Now, maybe there’s a plugin that does this…but I’ve asked on Reddit, here, and in the Discord forum, and no one seems to care, which I find really strange. The graph is one of the most basic cores of the program, and we can’t save settings? Would really like to see this feature fast tracked into a new version buildout as soon as possible.


I would also like this feature.

I’m glad this feature request is getting some more love. I, too, am puzzled why this hasn’t gotten picked up.

This would be great! I like having a depth of 2 for my local graphs, but sometimes the depth setting with reset.

This would be great, and would be especially helpful in having consistent group colors across local graphs without having to manually add them to each one.

Why not have graph setting saveable as a note, with each setting represented in YAML frontmatter? The setting could include global, or local (specifying a starting node). Switching to display view on that note would show the graph. This note could be transcluded into other notes, so you could have some notes with one or more persistent local graph views.


Hear hear I would like this too. Local graph is basically less useful without it…

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+1 this feature is fundamental, please implementing it

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Agree, this would be so helpful!

Agree, this would help a lot

+1, it’s a no-brainer!

+1 from me! IMHO this missing feature feels like a bug

A very important feature. I was very surprised it hasn’t been implemented yet.

furthermore, since “Graph View” is a core plugin itself, why not expose its options in the Settings, just like some others, e.g., Daily notes, Command palette.


+1 from me as well. I use global graph and local graphs for different purposes and would find it very helpful to have settings retain (i.e having different tags, file types, paths etc. with different colors) at the local graph level.

+1 for me too. I would like the option to sync the settings for both graphs, I can’t think of a use case where I would want different settings for global/local. It might be useful to have pre-set settings, so if you did have multiple graph settings, you could save them. That said, you could achieve the same thing by saving multiple workspaces with different graph configs.

It would be extremely useful to have this feature.

+1 aswell! Im finally in a real life situation where using graph view — local in particular — makes all the sense in the world (for research) — but only if the local g.v.-settings are persistent. Please make a feature out of this :pray: