Adjustable, persistent settings from local graph

+1, thanks for the consideration and help!

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I would also like this feature.

+1, I’d love to set some default settings for local graph

Adding onto this, perhaps ability adjust it in code?
so we can have different settings for different requirements

e.g. we can use classes in yaml (cssclass:) so for particular notes the graph has a group of settings that is repeatable over likewise notes.

Adding myself to the fray!

I just got started in Obsidian and I am VERY excited to start linking ideas to notes. Except I definitely want my ideas to be prominent and not have all my note titles cluttering up my local graphs.

+1, would appreciate this feature too

+1, this would be fantastic!

+1, would also be very interested in this feature (and eventually in learning how people are doing without in the meantime, tips & tricks)

+1 as in my setup I use the local graph as a visual outline in my notes by popping it out into a new window and pin it always on top, adding specific queries for the filter on top.

I care a lot about this feature actually! Just started using local graphs and gotta say that they’re very useful.

Would be good to have an option to sync the settings (mostly the color coding) from global graph to local

Ok guys, I think I got this. When you close and open local graph the settings are lost. But when you move the local graph to the right side bar it just lives there from now on and the settings don’t change.

I switched my Cmd+Shift+G shortcut to toggle right sidebar and whenever I want to see the local graph I just pop up the sidebar and it’s there.

That’s a good hack. I actually use the Workspace plug in to save various set-ups with the local graph I like, but it’s still kludgey: I have to open the workspace (which replaces my current setup) and the try to navigate back to the situation I had. Why hasn’t something better come along yet?

+1 this is a vital feature !

Yes please.

i cannot count how often I needed to fix the settings - if there is a “default config” for the local graph, why can’t it be configured?!?

Also, the settings seem to get lost when I close the tab - and need to redo again, when I open the graph again.

This is strenuous!

Please add a setting for this!


Maybe the ability to save settings presets that can be saved and recalled when need?

+1 for this feature

I’m delighted to report that there is a new plug-in (only in beta, for manual install): “Graph Presets”: GitHub - ycnmhd/obsidian-graph-presets: Markdown-based graph controls.

The plug-in developer has quickly added some improvements that make this really, really useful: Applying a preset to different local graphs without saving it as a snapshot of a note linked to its local graph · Issue #13 · ycnmhd/obsidian-graph-presets · GitHub

Strongly recommended! It allows you to set a hotkey to apply graph settings to any graph, including local graphs.


+1 for this feature! I just ran into the need to reapply settings every time for the local graph — just a hassle most of the time.

My two cents on what would be best:

  • Global default settings for local graphs
  • An option to override and save them for a particular note