Using "Graph Preset" plugin to apply graph settings to local graphs

Just wanted to let you know about a new plug-in: “Obsidian Graph Presets”. It is very powerful, and it includes something really powerful that is not covered by the great option to Bookmark a full-vault graph (in Obsidian 1.2): you can set hotkeys to apply specific graph settings to the local graph of any note. :exploding_head: So useful!

For example, you can set groups with a consistent palette of colors for each path (folder/subfolder) of your vault; and the colors are always the same! Or, to get fancy, you can create a preset of settings so that the local graph shows related files to 3 degrees of depth, with group colors for each path, and filtered for any file with a filename containing the current year.

This is something I asked for more than two years ago: