Additional context for Subheading auto suggestion

Use case or problem

I sometimes use note titles to create compositions of transclusions strictly with those matching link names as headings. This workflow will become particularly powerful if the outline pane or a plugin allowed rearranging headings. My real use case deals with finding the correct heading using auto suggestion when that same title occurs multiple times at that same heading level.

Proposed solution

When I intentionally have many instances of identically named subheadings within several headings above, the auto suggestion could show me all the times the heading I have begun typing occurs in the context of the headings above it, rather than just showing the heading and its heading level. This could be done as an expansion arrow click on dialog or a hotkey press.

Current workaround (optional)

One workaround is to have multiple source notes with a library of these link names within a certain context based on the note name. This is very duplicitous and gets messy, so I won’t really even describe it.

Another workaround just occurred to me. Assuming you want these subheadings all named identically because they are actually specifying note names, aliases could solve this as long as all of the aliases started with a unique word or phrase not used as heading elsewhere in note and ended with the the word or phrase identitying the heading above that particular instance. This way, you can type double open brackets, note name, hashtag, then just type that alias prefix code word and see all matching headings and each would clearly identify the context or location in heading structure through the final word or phrase. And importantly, all of these headings, if turned into links would go to the same correct note.

As has become surprisingly usual, I have come up with what feels like a good workaround while making my request, not actually one that I am currently using. But that remains to be seen. I will check back.

Edit: I forgot that aliases work for autocomplete, not actual linking. I will make a separate request for this ability.

Anyways, for me, having these realizations is part of the reason this forum is very much worth participating in. Thinking out loud really does help. Thank you all.

Related feature requests (optional)

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