Ability to use aliases as working links

Use case or problem

I would like to have various links to the same note so that I can distinguish the context in which an identical link as a heading is situated within heading structure. See separate request for a semi understandable description here: Additional context for Subheading auto suggestion

Proposed solution

If aliases worked as actual links as opposed to just enabling autocomplete connections.


Possible workaround

I have wanted this feature as well. This updated version of this auto-linking tool seems like a good workaround, based on the description.

It will take your aliases in frontmatter, and make them working links. For example, if phone is an alias in smartphone.md, phone will become [[smartphone|phone]]

Thus, it makes your aliases “working links”.

(At least based on my understanding of this tool. I haven’t tried it out yet.)

Seems like it modifies using your clipboard, though, so you may need this.

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