Add Selection to next find match hotkey

Hi, I really miss

  1. moving a line up and down with Ctrl+Shift+Up/Down arrow
  2. the Select next occurrence (of selected word)

Re: your first request: Feature request: move line up and down

I’m not sure I understand your second request, though.

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Add Selection to next find match in visual studio code: Ctrl+D and there is something similar in Sublime Text.


The first one is already implemented

alt+up/down does this.

The second one I would also REALLY like to use. I use this a lot in VSCode and I think it would be a great addition to Obsidian.

Do you mean to add next occurence of the word to existing selection? Or cancel current selection and select only the next occurence of previously selected text?
What are the use cases?

It works like this:

  • You have this text:

Words, so many cool words, so many worlds, end.

  • You select the first “,” and click Ctrl+D on VSCode or Sublime Text
  • A new cursor is created at the next “,” ocurrance
  • You can do this many times and it will select the next “,” and so on
  • You can type “;”, which will make the text be like this:

Words; so many cool words; so many worlds; end.

It’s a really neat feature


I would also like this feature :+1:

I would love this feature as well!
I probably wouldn’t be using VSC if it wasn’t for Ctrl+D

+1 to the expand selection request…

An Obsidian command equivalent to “find_under_expand” (Sublime) or “editor.action.addSelectionToNextFindMatch” (VS Code) can be helpful in workflows where quickly cleaning pasted text is desired (i.e. removing pasted formatting, html tags, bullets, etc.) or adding text or formatting to multiple lines at once which share the same structure (e.g. adding a newline after all lines beginning with ‘#’).

Code Editor Shortcuts now supports selecting the next occurrence (and also selecting all occurrences at once)!

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this is great, thanks! :smiley:
Enhancement suggestion: In VSCode the focus follows the cursor - would be the icing on the cake! :slight_smile:

Oh, of course – I’ll add that in the next release!

moving a line up and down has been implemented