Feature request: move line up and down

This is a very useful feature some editors have. You can just press ⌘⌃ up/down to move the current line/block. It would be great to have this in Obsidian.


+1 from me
(by the way I moved this to feature requests)

+1 from me as well

edit: Alt + arrow up/down in vscode works fine, I guess Command + up/down would be better on Mac

+1 Would love to see this too. In VS Code I often use Option + Up/Down to reorder lists.

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+1 ! It really is a useful feature

the missing capability in Obsidian made me realize how often I do this in other VS Code or Notepad++.

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Is this in the works? This is one of my most used features in ROAM. It allows me to move things up and down based on priority with CMD+SHIFT+UP

It was already implemented. At least in the insider’s build.


I didn’t realize this was a feature either.

@audiorush and others in this thread: If you look under Hotkeys in the preferences, you will find two commands. Swap line up and Swap line down. You can assign a shortcut key to those commands, or use the command palette to access them.

Like bernardo_v said, it might only be in the insider build. I’m using 0.8.4, so I can’t check the older versions.


Thanks! I found and set that hotkey (it is present in 0.8.2) but it doesn’t work for some reason. The shortcut highlights a block of text but doesn’t move it anywhere. Maybe this is fixed in 0.8.4?

Maybe you chose a conflicting system hotkey, that is also selecting text? Does it work if you use the Command Palette instead of the hotkey?

I chose Cmd-Ctrl-Up and Cmd-Ctrl-Down on MacOS, personally.

It actually works with the Command Palette, but not with the hotkeys. I have the same combo that you mentioned and it doesn’t work. Maybe it’s a bug that was fixed in 0.8.4?

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It works, thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

can we bind this by default?
it’s unused hotkey anyway
also it’s VS code standard.