Add hotkey for "Focus Sidebar"

Use case or problem

Recently, you’ve added the ability to navigate up or down in the sidebar with the up and down keys. However, you still need to click once on the sidebar to “focus” it, which triggers this ability.

(The primary reason many people requested that feature is that they didn’t want to use a mouse at all, while within Obsidian.)

Proposed solution

I’m requesting a “Focus sidebar” hotkey. It should simulate a click on the sidebar.

Current workaround (optional)

Manually clicking, which is annoynig.

Related feature requests (optional)

​Iterate through files in the file sidebar with keyboard


You can already set a hotkey for “Reveal active file in file explorer” which will focus the sidebar.

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Thanks. That solves this problem, I suppose.

There are several show X commands for this.

I would find this useful in the Starred Files tab as well. Is there a way to do that?