Go to previous/next sidebar pane and focus on pane

Use case or problem

I’d like to change arbitrary panes in the sidebar using the keyboard alone (no mouse), as well as focus on the currently opened sidepane.

Proposed solution

Introduce new actions ‘Go to next sidebar pane’ and ‘Go to previous sidebar pane’, possibly two for the left and two for the right sidebar, which function similar to ‘Go to previous tab’ and ‘Go to next tab’. Also introduce a new action ‘Focus on sidepane’.

Related feature requests (optional)

Add hotkey for "Focus Sidebar" - this reveals the greater issue of needing keyboard-only navigation for everything, and the solutions allow one to jump to focus on particular sidepanes if an action was created for that specific pane. But this FR would allow switching regardless of the pane identity or contents (and also not require the user to remember a different action+hotkey for each particular pane they want to focus on).